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A Brief History Of The Motorbike Helmet

Our expert personal injury lawyers at Lawyers Rehabilitation services specialise in helping those affected by serious personal injury fully understand the treatments and rehabilitation services they need to make a speedy recovery.

We deal with a wide range of serious personal injury claims on a daily basis, and understand how devastating injuries regarding regarding motorcycle or traffic accidents can be. For those who ride a motorcycle every day or even casually, the importance of wearing a helmet whilst on the road or when off-road is paramount as a helmet reduces the risk of serious life changing injuries by a huge 29%.

With this in mind, we’ve created a fun infographic on the history of the motorcycle helmet, explaining when it was first designed, the safety improvements made over the years, and exploring today’s newest innovative features that all help to keep you safe from severe head injuries.

Take a look.

helmet infographic lawyers rehabilitation

Here at Lawyers Rehabilitation Services, we specialise in facilitating the very best rehabilitation services, treatments and cost effective solutions for your clients. We draw upon our many years of experience and a comprehensive panel of nationwide medical experts with access to diagnostics to provide a wide range of quality services that will assist in a speedy resolution of your personal injury claim, including motorcycle injury compensation claims and rehabilitation. For more information, call 0161 908 0399 today and speak to an expert solicitor now.

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